There is this fear when ever you move up to anther operating system that some of your favorite programs you will never be able to use again. With Windows 10 this is not the way. You can use a program that was built way back for Windows 95 and still use it in Windows 10. It’s just a one time fix that will make that program able to work in Windows 10. This is how.

  • First go to  “This PC” in your “File Explorer” Which should be on your task bar at the bottom of your desktop.  Just click on the (C:) drive and there you will see program files usually it will be your “Program Files (x86)” folder.


  • Then once the folder is open find your program and open that folder.

  • Then find the file that launches your program
  • Right click on this file and you will see a list.

  • At the bottom of the list it says “Properties” click that.
  • This will open a box with 4 to 5 tabs at the top click on the tab that says “Compatibility”


  • When the next box opens you will see a button that says “Run Compatibility troubleshooter”
  • Or you can choose the system from the drop down list below that.

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