Microsoft Windows 10 Repair



Windows 10 Repair, Bootable, Reinstall, All Versions 32 or 64Bit USB (Detailed Instuctions included)
No Key Required
This little USB holds all versions of Windows 10 and can be reinstalled on your computer and make as good as new. The included Instructions take all the guess work out of fixing what might be wrong with your Windows 10 installation.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Repair, Bootable, Reinstall, All Versions 32 or 64 bit USB

What a reinstall does for your machine is better than a reset can do. When you completely reinstall your operating system on your computer, it makes everything new again. What ever problems you had before the reinstall are gone for good. You do not need a new key because when you first installed the operating system your machine was matched with the original key. As long as you install the same version of “Windows” it will automatically activate as soon as you run your updates with the new install.

You should do this only if repair and reset do not do what you need done. The reinstall will completely wipe everything on your computer and it will be like a new machine. If you have things on any of your drives that you do not want to lose, We should move it before we do the reinstall.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 1 in


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