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We at Bunny SD Computer Solutions will do everything in our power to make sure the products that you acquire here will be as advertised. We will not however refund any purchase that the buyer has not provided certain criteria to warrant a refund. In short, all you have to do if you should have a problem with a product, is that you come to Bunny SD Computer Solutions first and give us chance to provide you with what was promised. We provide two ways to allow Bunny SD Computer Solutions to do this as to the Microsoft Product Key sales. Either you can let us connect to your computer and have a chance to fix what may be wrong and/or replace the defective product. Or the buyer can provide a screen shot of the key not working with the Windows version included in the screen shot. If either of these ways produces evidence that the key is truly defective Bunny SD Computer Solutions will have the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase, which ever the buyer chooses.

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